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Lyra is no more…

Because I think she is Amara. Amara (for those who don’t know) is the daughter of Orchid and Eiries. I was playing Skyrim just a moment ago and as I was taking a few pics (this one in particular) it started to make me think.

She kinda resembles Orchid since I used her as a base to make this character (I changed most of the face except the lips and general jaw shape) She uses the same skin set, has a similar hair color, freckles just like Orchid’s Skyrim incarnation and of course doesn’t take any features from her father who canonically can not pass on his genetic material (so she even fits TES lore of taking after her mother). All of that was peanuts compared to the necklace with feathers.

I was at one point play as Amara in a D&D campaign, and as part of her background she received a few small trinkets from her parents as little “be safe, we love you” going out adventuring gifts. One was a ring of protection and the other was a necklace with feathers. All I can see when I look at this image is Orchid and Eiries’ gifts to Amara.

So small change of plans…Lyra is now Amara. Same character, different name.

I find this amazing that pretty much every character you play already has some kind of backstory from your D&D days

Glas was sort of inspired by both a D&D character I had, as well as an original the character bionicle I made that I played with my friend with. Basically a big, heavy armored guy who was huge, and would go to great lengths to protect his family.

If any of my other characters were inspired by the stories my bionicle adventures created, then that would be a neat surprise.

Aaand I’m back. Still working out a few kinks, but I’ve got most of my characters working.

Playable: Glas, Vimune, Cerami technically, Callani Technically

Needs work: Josalyne, Aranrale, Blondie, Cerami technically, Callani technically

I think in order of what I need to do, it will be

  1. reinstall cerami’s camera files
  2. reinstall aranrale’s armor mod
  3. remake josalyne’s race
  4. figure out what eye mod replaced callani’s altmer eye, and also find a new ENB because her golden skin looks human now
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